[N(experiencer)]は/が [N(actor2)]に [V(passive)]

When one person (the actor) acts directly on another person (the experiencer), the sentence can be recast from the experiencer’s point of view using a passive verb.

田中さんは 山下さんを 映画へ 誘いました。
Tanaka-san invited Yamashita-san to the movies.

山下さんは 田中さんに 映画へ 誘われました。
Yamashita-san was/got invited to the movies by Tanaka-san.

Notice that with passive verbs, the actor takes the particleに, and the experiencer, who was the direct object becomes the topic.

This is known as the direct passive, because the direct object becomes the topic.

When there is no need to mention who the actor in a sentence is, this part can be omitted.

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