This page lists all the posts related to comparing one thing or action with another


  • [V(masu stem)/Adjective(root)]そう

    The verb ending そお makes a na-adjective that means “looks/seems like what is described by the predicate]

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  • [predicate]よう…

    A plain form adjective or verb. or a noun + の followed by the na-adjective よう functions as a な adjective meaning “similar to what is described by the predicate”.

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  • 事故のようですね。

    よう is used to show that the speaker is saying what something looks like or seems.

  • [Predicate]ようです

    The special noun よう, which means “appearance” can be used to show the speaker’s judgement based on what they have seen, read, heard or been told

  • 私が言うとおりに…

    The special noun とおり represents something that is exactly how it is described.